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The Metal Boat Society, or abbreviatedMBS, is a non-profit educational society. The mission of MBS is to provide important information about metal boats which is tailored to members needs. The highlights of this Society are:

MBS caters to metal boat enthusiasts. No matter what stage of development members find themselves:

  • planning the vessel of their dreams
  • building or purchasing the boat to fill their expectations
  • fitting out or renovating the boat they own
  • perhaps even doing a major repair job
  • just routine maintenance on their boat as they cruise,
  • or even selling what they have

there is likely to be value found within the Society. We hope you gain new insight into your personal interests thru this web site and other Society services and that you will return often. Time to renew Membership? Click Here.


April 8, 2015 -- Forum and Store are broken but still accessable
Beginning about April 6 site some users began getting an error message "http 404" when clicking the links to Forum and Store. The new bug is being fixed but a delivery date is not yet known. Forum and Store do remain accessable but only from links at the bottom of their respective information pages.
MBQ Classifieds and Free Marketplace Advertisements
Download the latest Boats For Sale and member free ads from the quarterly.
MBS Membership Class and Fee Restructuring 2014
In Jan 2014 the Board voted to replace the previous Regular USA, Regular Canada,and Regular Worldwide membership classes with a single new Regular Membership class equivalent to the prior Online Worldwide  Membership class. Individual/Regular Membership costs were reduced accordingly to $30US per year - refunds are available for those folks recently joined or renewed.
Maybe an East Coast Mini-Fest 2014
Dylan Bailey is spearheading an effort to put together a miniFest on the East Coast. Potential sites are in Florida or Chesapeake Bay. If you can help please contact Dylan at dbyachtservices@gmail.com
BoatUS Membership Discount
Interested in membership of BoatUS?? - there are some great benefits (check it out at www.boatus.com). Quote the MBS discount number GA84964B to get a 50% membership discount.


Society members are found world-wide. The Society is comprised of two kinds of members:

Commercial Members
Our commercial members are entities that have products to offer. We expect the products to apply to many applications within MBS, and the Member display is found at Links. Often Commercial Members become presenters at various MBS functions.
Individual Members
Our Individual members are those of us pursuing our dream. We expect each of us pursues some aspect of boating with a metal focus. Sometimes Individual Members present their own projects at MBS functions.

All Members share interests in some aspect of metal as a component of boats. Expertise might fall to the design, construction, maintenance, repair or restoration, of metal boats. Even while cruising and other related activities, members turn to MBS to satisfy their interests. More about the perks of membership is found on the membership page.

The society is operated entirely by unpaid member volunteers, including an Executive Board and volunteers drawn from members worldwide. Membership dues support the Quarterly, the Metal Boat Forum, and the website. Many affairs of the society are conducted at online "meetings."


Metal Boat Quarterly

The Metal Boat Quarterly, also known as the MBQ, is the only magazine devoted exclusively to metal boats. As one member remarked, "There's an education on metal boats in every issue." The MBQ is the flagship publication of the society. Members are invited to send letters, articles, comments or photos for inclusion in the magazine. Please feel free to (download a sample) of a recent publication.

The Winter Quarterly was the last version of the MBQ in the previous format. Future MBQ's will be formatted from articles presented on the Forum over the previous 3 months - into a downloadable/printable .pdf format - members will be free to download and print this file at their leisure. Obviously this represents a considerable savings to your Society

Metal Boat Festival

Each summer since MBS inception the society hosts the Metal Boat Festival event. The annual Metal Boat Festival provides an opportunity for members and other metal boat devotees to socialize and share information, experiences and talk shop. The three-day event is organized around a schedule of morning and afternoon learning events, with a traditional Friday eve BBQ, a Saturday eve boat walk, burger cook-out, boat rides and much more. Details of the event are posted at the website and announced in theMBQ.

In recent spring times a second smaller event, the Mini Fest has been held at various locations. Here again metal boat enthusiasts get to rub shoulders. It's a simpler event, no technical classes, yet it remains important.

Online Boat Forum

This Metal Boat Society web site includes the Metal Boat Forum, which contains the Internet's most extensive collection of feature articles and member posts directly related to metal boats. It provides an extensive knowledge base in the over 10,000 recorded posts and also acts as a medium for discussion and information exchange. The extent of the information available here simply defies description! It is our hope that the information disseminated here will be of help to those who share our enthusiasm for this wonderfully diverse and incredibly durable method of vessel construction.

Some of the most experienced and well-known yacht designers in the world contribute on a regular basis, along with seasoned amateurs and professionals from all areas of vessel construction, operation, repair and maintenance. If you have questions about any aspect of metal boats, this is the place to be!

Online Ship's Store

The newest addition to the society's online presence is the online Ship's Store. Here you can sign up for new or renewal memberships and order stylish MBS logowear, burgees, nautical and how-to books and reports, and those ever-popular back issues of the Metal Boat Quarterly.

The Ship's Store features online credit/debit card processing as well as checking account direct debiting. No more faxing and mailing!


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